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1998 Corvette just a bit more power than an Amphicar

Now the rest of the story.

Economy scared Me and I sold My beautiful 1980 black and red Corvette. I immediately

started missing it. Then Margie reminded Me that My 40's were almost over. Throw in a couple

of deaths and the Corvette dream started to twitch. Out of the blue I get a call. A guy has to have an

Amphicar. I just happened to have one that I was never going to sell. Well he offered cash and all I could think of

I am getting a Vette.  A week later I am making an offer on a Vette in California. Guy changed the deal and I warned him I was looking at another.

But I left a deposit and Mike and I were totally excited about the pending road trip. We get home I have few beers. Then I get close up pics of California car.

Not so good. Then I get a reply from Arizona with close up pics. Fantastic! I call Arizona guy up. Excited and inebriated. He goes

how can You make an offer on a car You have never seen? I asked does it look like the pics? He says yes. I said I love it, I want , I am buying it!

He gets nervous thinking I am running a scam. Then I thought about it and I did sound nuts!! We worked out details and headed

to Phoenix Arizona. Two weeks of no sleep. Then bad food, then 100 degree heat. 


Mike not happy hanging with DadOur first time meeting the Vette

After a long day and longer night, I get to meet Arizona finest. My plates registered to My Chevy

van, Luckily My "paper work" was legit. I used this as a photo opportunity. It was hot. After leaving Arizona the views

became great.

 A Corvette can make anybody look cool

Here Mike is practicing being an illegal alien Lots of open land with this

makes this happen,  Notice smile a little different from beginning of trip! Over two thousand miles.

Amazing car. Speed limit was mostly 75 and we averaged at 25 mpg! A great trip and a great Son- Congratulation Mike on becoming

an Eagle scout and a graduate of Mendota High School (High Honors)


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