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Some more close ups. Tool kit, literature. Compression averages 135lbs at outside temperature of zero degrees and engine not completely warmed up. 


Red 1966 Amphicar. A labor of love. Body was stripped and bead blasted. Any rust was cut out and replaced using steel. Hull has been coated in and out with epoxy primer. Urethane primers with epoxy seal coat. Base coat clear coat in original red. All seams sealed with urethane sealer. All mechanicals have been cleaned, inspected, rebuilt, replaced as needed. Being a 66 it has the heavy duty rear shocks and heavy duty through the hull shocks. New tires. Brakes rebuilt, all rubber lines and parts replaced. Brake system refilled using silicone brake fluid.All cables also. Engine detailed with complete exhaust new including chrome tip. Carb rebuilt, Car restored to mostly original with exception of alternator and negative ground so IPods and cell phones can easily be used.  Transmission as new with recent rebuld.Axles are as new also. Interior is top of the line designed by Midwest Amphicar using only the highest quality vynils, foam, and specialized urethane door panels. To insure years of service. This Amphi sports the rare and sought after rear spring seat. And of course all frames were cleaned, repaired if needed and epoxy painted. Bennett Upholstery did the stitching and the custom cut foam for seat backs. New floor mat and hump covers from Gord Souter.The dash is breath taking. All new chrome rosettes with matching knobs. The clock as new with no fade or cracks. The gentle tick of time it emits. Probably one of the best dashes in North America.New speedometer and gauge cluster. With gas gauge expertly reconfigured by John Friese. Restored steering wheel with the best horn button I could find. All new door seals, window channels and fuzzys, New white side mouldings and extraordinary stainless steel splash mouldings from Gordon Imports. Gleeming chrome either new or replated. New original front bumper from Alan Woodcock. Most lenses NOS. Most connectors on wiring harness were replaced, soldered on and heat shrink covered. Windshield and seal are new, as is vent glass,Top frame is nice and straight with out the usual sag found in most. Top is new  Gas tank was hot tanked and tested. Cool factory inspection tag comes with along with rare top instruction card, plus correct jack with handle, roll up tool pouch. Many unseen new parts. I used the last of My rare and NOS parts for this car. Much care was taken to restore this car correctly with minor upgrades to make  swimming experience better.  Dave Derer 815 849 5498 . I believe this car rivals last years Barrett car.


drivers side kick panel-good place for a speaker



Nearly done !!!

This one is coming along excellently. Soon it really will be rust free. The use of crap fiber fill over holes does not make a car "rust free".  It will be sprayed in and out with epoxy. All seams covered in urethane seam sealer.

I cut out major rust and take to bead blaster

All crap fiberglass and goo is removed leaving rust holes. They get cut out and new metal properly installed

Welds will be ground down, epoxy covered, seam sealed and epoxy covered again.

First the fitting, then trimming. Then welding and grinding. One raised lip quarter and rocker patch installed. A little bit more welding then a coat of short strand fiberglass filler over weld seams. The panels I make make this job much easier and nicer.

First coat of self etching epoxy primer. Seam sealer, first coat filler on weld seams. Bottom painted with black epoxy. Nice props installed. Stuff like props make the project even more fun!


God hates a coward. A line I picked up from Metal Meet.

Bead roller and an English wheel. Tools that help make My panels


10/28/05 to media blaster

11/09/05 back from blaster

12/23/05 mostly finish passenger side

12/28/05 cut out driver side

01/07/06 hull black painted, first coat epoxy/ seam sealer

01/08/06 back to right side up

05/20/06 paint applied

08/10/06 car runs

01/17/07 car almost done

Not everyday was spent on this. Other panels were made and shipped, transmissions were refurbed. another full restoration being performed also.



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