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Its starts again. This time with a new rotisserie. Bead blasted, Rust cut out, panels made. Inners are store bought, trays and wheel houses are mine.


one wheel house/tray assembly nearly done

Rule of thumb is about one hour weld time per foot, for easier patches it worked out to about one hour per foot for cutout, layout, clean up, weld and grind. Or about three hours per jack point patch.

Wheel houses are taking a little extra time, but I am very happy with results. The "hard " part is still to come. Cutting out six feet of car and inserting new.

The prop shield. Before edge was installed. A pic of what weld looked like at original prop shield. The new shield partially installed.

First time is not always good enough. This is the trash pile

Prop shields had to be installed first. Then the wheel house/battery tray/ drop off assembly could then be installed. Once I get trays and quarter panel lined up, then I will work on corners. The oxidization from welding causes new metal to start rusting nearly immediately. It will all be cleaned before epoxy is applied. Three full days of fabricating and welding. Trial fitting, trimming and re-fitting are ultra important steps. Now most of wheel house assembly is welded in on both sides.

The way they made the floor was to bead roll the lines all the way through. Then cut , hammered and welded ends down were they needed to meet other panels.

Filling in some dented areas and smoothing some welds. Some more cleaning and epoxy will be applied.

After two coats of epoxy. Now I can determine what more needs to be done. A couple of spots need more time.

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First identify problem.

Then cut out

Then make

Then fit

Then compare.  Little holes need to be welded too. Some little holes need to become big holes first. Go to page 2



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