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The barrett odessy.

The tale starts over a year ago when a sad Amphi

arrived. I don't normally buy a car unless I have a buyer. But this car

was destined to be different. It used up a lot of My parts , time and

money. As bank loans became due I would try to pre sell car at a low

price. For what ever reason everyone wanted it done first. With full

knowledge that price would go up. Offers as low as 45k to high of 53k.

Then someone mentioned Barrett Jackson auction in Florida. It made

sense. It was nearly same time as Mt. Dora and I needed a "life

experience" . By nature I am a bit "wound up". This no reserve, no

guarantee auction put Me over the edge. First My car was not perfect

enough in My mind, so day after day I redid and upgraded. Always hoping

someone would call with a better offer. But Winter is not the time for

people to think about floating. Then a beater 1994 Olds convertible

showed up. It hit Me that it was close to My 30 year anniversary of

driving down south alone. The adventure was starting to heat up. All the

Olds needed was to fix engine and top and....The whole Family started

to join forces to help Me. Time was running out, Ray and Mike used days

off from school to help work on the Amphicar. Margie helped with

cleaning parts and with dragging Me out of garage. Finally the damned

contract showed up. One last chance to run away. But I signed and mailed

it off. Tightness in chest diminished. Trucker was called. Finally all I

had to do was drive to Florida. It was great. Top went down and did not

go back up for two weeks. Ride down was filled with tunes cranking and

back roads. Some great stops in towns I have no idea where. Finally

arriving in Mt Dora (Amphicar Swim In) where We celebrated Grand Pa

Waves 90th birthday (early). Where The "Wild Ones" separated from group

and headed to every bar with a boat ramp. Nothing but good damage was done.

Next stop was to West Palm Beach Florida. Fatigue and nerves were

weakening Me. The hot sun was beating down. Having to pull over for

water and food, with the constant nagging "Why the hell am I doing

this?" It took more loans to pay for trip. Stomach would get knotted up.

Monday I pull into Florida Expo center. I sign in. I visit car. It looks

great under the big tent. Much relief seeing it unharmed. Then over to

Steve Sells house. Right before leaving Steve calls and makes a deal, I

help work on his car and he gives Me room and board. It worked out very

well for both of us. I was so damned wound up, it was therapy to be in a

garage turning wrenches. Plus sometimes I would drink beer and watch

Steve work. Two weeks earlier it was 10 below and there it was 85.

Sweet! Tuesday was spent between cleaning red car and working on Steves.

Sleep was impossible. Nerves were raw. Wednesday the show begins. Some

people but very slow. Iam concerned. Then Speed Vision crew stops by. I

tell them about My past TV experiences. Then I let loose. Telling

stories of past trips, telling stories of current trip. Some people say

I am loud soon everyone can say I am loud. They enjoyed taping, they

enjoyed My out going personality, I enjoyed letting the spring unwind in

My chest. After taping I asked how My car compared to others they had

seen. With out hesitation He said it was better than the 115k car. That

made Me feel really good. The party had really started. The lack of

sleep was really starting to affect Me. Friday night they let this green

Amphicar go through. It had that Homemade Rover bumper, Wrong hood

light,horn and..... But car looked nice. It was shiny. It sold at 45k.

Barrett really hurt Me having that there. Assumptions are that cars are

to be a certain caliber or quality. So for the untrained the green and

the red were the same. Doom was all I felt. I barely made it back to

house. I hit bed at 7pm and prayed for sleep. I think I got a few hours

of sleep. 5am Saturday I leave the house. I don't feel well. I feel weak

and tired. This not good.I need to be able to sell the car. Over the

last few days I spoke with literally hundreds of people. Saturday at

noon My car crosses the block. Only place open is McDonalds. I force

down a big breakfast. I am weak and shaking. I sit in car and pass out.

Two hours later I wake up. Prayer must of worked. It was the best sleep

I had had in weeks. I felt good. Off to the auction. I was actually

enjoying Myself. It was more of an adventure excitement not a feeling of

doom. I met some really really great fun people. I was now surrounded by

friends. Doug Parsons drove the car during the long line up procedure.

Roger Sallee was answering questions. Steve Sells and Rob Vondracek were

taking pictures and offering help. Shannon and Juliet were helping,

Juliet was handing out brochures. It was great. No fear. Car crossed

block, I was waving to the crowd. Nothing mattered. Just watching the

numbers go up. It stopped at 61k. Far short of the 75k I was hoping for.

With fees and taxes buyer paid nearly 72k. All I could do was smile. I

felt the whole time its not just the car being judged it was Me. I took

a in primer Amphicar with rust and made it into a show car. I guess My

Ego needed to do this. It was at times a brutal and horrible experience.

And others near ecstasy. What really made it a great time was My friends

and Family. Without their support it would have been a big suck. Would I

do it again? I really don't think so. I did meet some new people and

made some new friends. Because of Barrett, Speed Vision may contact Me

for some TV work. I met an owner of a large Ford Dealership and We plan

on doing a fun TV commercial. So did I make as much money as I wanted?

No. Did I lose money? No. Did I have one of the best adventures of My

life? Yes. Does this story continue? Yes.

 Later Dave the Wave Derer aka

Midwest Amphicar




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