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One of the last Amphicars made. A European model. This has the big heater, easy to adjust parking brake. Very rare "thick" exterior trim, along with the ultra rare locking steering wheel ignition switch. Much of car is done. Rebuilt engine and transmission. Now is time to build doors and covers.

I consider this a very good door. Having some small holes, it was better to put on a lower skin. Easy to fix some thin spots on inside corners. It will need to be on car for final fitting.


The evil engine cover. Previous repair was removed. Using basic panel beating and the E wheel parts were made. Fit, weld, hammer, grind and repeat as needed.

basic hole repairbrass backing clamped on sheet metal circle cut to fit welded and ground smooth. This was the hardest , most challenging cover I have ever done.


Door had wrong door handle hole. Plus extra hole was filled using bondo. That is bad because one slam and it would pop out.  Replace bondo with metal and weld. There will still be bondo but not as a structural component. Check fit of door handle.

Door bottom was welded front to rear. Unfortunately not right. Window hits bottom. Window frames themselves are pretty rough too. I need to bring car in to see what I need to adjust on doors before moving forward.

Door would not fit.

door was cut and bent till it did fit Now it closes and looks good

Parts are going back on. The left over shelf is growing.



Lots of work and not perfect. Last guy welded hard and changed frame dimensions. But still

100% better than before. Soon will be at painter turning green.  Funny how when this first arrived it was going to be an "easy" assembly. Now after redoing doors, engine cover, window frames (not done) axles, brakes , prop shafts, carburetor , radiator and shroud supports, and lots of miscellaneous its almost to the point of "easy".

  I will get pics of hood and engine cover soon. I drive my self nuts sanding and sanding. But then it gets paint and all the pain gets covered. I am very happy with the way this is finally coming together. I am very glad we decided to paint entire car.













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