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Gators Amphicar starting to open in Tavares Florida ! Call for details

Celebrating fifteen years!! of full time Amphicar only service

Specializing in metal restoration and manufacturing panels

Specializing in transmission repairs and manufacturing of parts

Specializing in customer service

These are the reasons that people travel long distance to come here

Quality Integrity Value Honesty

Midwest Amphicar 815 910 5502

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Minnesota green 


Feelin' Blue

New Hampshire   

72 Camaro

Feelin' Blue



Summer Good Wisconsin green

Barrett Jackson Speed vision story only

    Axle Install



38 Buick sold


         Arkansas 1500  

Swim with Dave #4

White 68





Amphicar dreaming

Typical battery tray

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Swim With Dave #3


Canada Trip

Amphi found in barn!!!!!!

Burned Amphi

Amphi Tools

fix up 67 done

restore 67 done

Restore 64 Done

Budget 64 redo

Daves Sold Ride

Parked for    30 years!!

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Swim With Dave The Wave June 6-7-8. Sabula Iowa, Savanna Illinois. Worlds best camp ground. First come first serve. Best to come Thursday or early Friday. Google info on Bed and Breakfast places on Sabula Iowa. The Castle B&B is next to a boat ramp and inexpensive.  Hope to see You there!

This the haunted house. Ravens Grin is the name.This is pic of inside of one of My favorite bars. The Iron Horse Social Club We will also visit Poopies another excellent bar.  Lots of ramps, water and things to do!!!







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