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Amphicar Transmission Secrets-----------shhhhhhhhhhhhh do not tell

I have had it with buying used transmissions-most are junk.

First thing I noticed while still in crate was the shortened input shaft. Second was the rusted away gears. All that is really useable is the case. It will join the pile of cases.




symptom: shifted ok but very noisy. Water had sat in trans. Then used, probably with water in trans- looking at mud build up. If not used just a bit earlier repair costs would be much less. Little bearing on drive shaft smoked. In turn grooving up built in race area of drive shaft. Plus cooked out main bearings, which are not available. Replacements are available but I don't think they are as good. Still when done this trans should hold out for a while.

Pile of synchro rings. Cases all that's left when leaving trans filled with water. Trans drive shaft takes a lot of abuse. Transmissions in transition.


Another fun trans


actually these are pics of two transmissions. The clean case had rust. Ol' muddy was actually very nice-Go figure!!


Muddy water-actually mud from England! Trans did have a couple of usable bits.

You know there is trouble when nuts are missing and shift rod is in upside down.smoked drive shaft and bearing

all bad signs.

The latest one:

This is why I don't buy transmissions as is!!!! Last owner used single lip seals. It probably was ok for last ride. Then it sat for long time. Now its close to junk.


Saga of the Howling Transmission

First look broken case and gook. Then it poured out gook and water. Then side cover off! Yikes! Differential was solid rust. But unbelievably really important parts were excellent. Like the intermediate gears $$$ like the input shaft(drive shaft in parts book) $$$$. Gears and rings excellent too. So I replaced differential using original ring gear, replaced case with new style ,large hole case. Now it is like new, instead of junk and still thousands of dollars less than the "other guy" .  Thanks for the opportunity 

Luckily for this guy, He decided not to chance it. All parts spun nicely. If he would have filled with oil and drove it, it would have become junk. Now its all cleaned up with all new bearings , seals and synchros.  Pitting on gears and shaft might cause issues but odds are it will be fine.

This trans had been restored a year ago. Problem was grinding of gears after short time. I am thinking this red oil is to blame. 80/90 is recommended. This stuff poured out like 30 weight.

Transmission #1883 problem pumped oil out. Loose input shaft

Luckily for owner that he stopped driving at first sign of trouble. Input plate bearing self destructed. Some minor scars on input shaft but better than many. Bolts on differential cover were badly rusted and one broke. There will be a small extra charge for removal.




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