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Axle Install

Starting with usual rusty hub assembly. Notice heavy duty puller. Also notice plate I bolt on. Sometimes there are HUGE forces in play. A hub is now a rare commodity. Notice how bent My plate is. I use an impact and it usually "pops" off. But sometimes it needs to be hit in back with a hammer at same time as pressure is applied. Worst case is torches have to come out. Inspect hub for damage. Look for groove were oil seal rubs, look for bent plate where studs go through. Look for cracks.

 Note snap rings. Also the important spring washers. When these are installed wrong it allows hub to go too far over taper of axle. Usually making it near impossible to remove without destroying hub.

I sand blasted being very careful to remove all traces of sand, I paint with epoxy. Notice new bolts to attach to stub axle. Look at this area for wear or being oblong.

Grease seals. I install grease seals to keep water out. Spring towards outside. If over greased, grease will pump out on brake shoes. There has been discussion on this of what is right and wrong. My view point : Pull drum off when greasing. Every couple/few years pull hub off. Grease till water and old grease comes out. No big deal.

Install of axles. This pair of axles with bearings and ship was about $1700 !! So care should be used installing these. Hugh has told Me just to hammer them in. Sometimes that could work. But usually it is a very tight fit. I bought a proper tool. Gord Souter http://www.amphicar.ca/ had some of these made up and can now be purchased from him. Using tool I pull axle into assembly. All bearings are pre greased, all voids are also filled with water proof grease. Use a new keyway and ALWAYS use a new nut for hub. Do nut grease axle shaft were hub slides onto. * sometimes axle seal on inboard side comes out. Before installing seal clean outside edge of seal and contact surface with solvent (carb clean). If loose use a dab of Indian head shellac. If You find drum rubs after all is installed axle may not have been pulled in all the way. Buy some disposable gloves!

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