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First the lead. Then the Emails, then the blurry pics. Then a bank loan. Then a trucker. Then the arrival. 1964 California black plate car. 1974 last license. Apparently steering bolts broke from steering plate. Owner tried to fix and I am guessing gave up. He planned on restoring after retiring . 1985 started dismantling then unfortunately died. 

Zero rust in hull, fenders, hood, engine cover, doors. Rust of course in rear quarters and drop offs. Engine had been oiled before being parked and turned easily by hand. Odometer says 3500 miles. Car started right up. Clutch is smooth. Water trans a bit noisy. Parking brakes work. Regular brakes pumped up. In a matter of hours I drove car around property. This car is sold.

Some wheel cylinder kits, carb, and hoses. A bit of paint. Some hub caps. Just about ready for river.

Movie car drives in river

Movie car drives out of river. New engine and trans mounts. A can of short strand fiberglass. A couple of wheel cylinder kits and a squirt of paint.  A new carburetor. One door leaked a bit but a couple of new screws in adjuster will fix. We enjoyed the car all Summer. Now time to tear it down.

Lets rip it up!!! It may be original mostly, but mostly its just old. Strip off the old paint so there are no surprises. Then flip it over and start the repairs. Lower edge of quarter was weak. So was bottom of drop off. I cut out the rust and started putting in the new 18 gauge steel. Engine is out being checked for rebuilding. Trans is being resealed. This car is headed to paint shop soon!!

Red, red, and more red. A couple more details and it is done.

Done, done, done, done

As we all know too well, there is always something that can be improved or added. This car was built per customer request. Every part has been inspected, repaired, replaced, or rebuilt.

Engine, standard bore new pistons, rings, oil pump, bearings, Head rebuilt with hardened seats. New exhaust, starter, water pump, oil lines, electronic ignition, alternator, nos carb. Oil cooler cleaned and flushed. Radiaotor cleaned and flushed. New hoses. Heater core cleaned and flushed. Transmission resealed, inspected with new synchros installed. New clutch, pressure plate, release bearing. New late model easy to grease axles. New rear bearings and seals. New Alden shocks and springs. Rebuilt wheel cylinders, new master cylinder, new parking brake cables. New front wheel bearings and seals. Rebuilt tie rod ends.  New Coker wide whites. New hub caps. New windshield and rubber, new fuzzys and door seals. All chrome re plated. Interior, seat frames cleaned and painted. All new foam cut to match original. New seat covers and door panels, new rubber floor and side mats. Wiring harness cleaned repaired to as new condition. New top and top boot. Top frame sand blasted and epoxy painted. New guages and speedometer. Clock as new and working. All cables replaced or repaired. All interior chrome re plated. New speedometer cable, accelerator cable and clutch cable. Gas tank cleaned and sealed. New shut off valve. New sender unit and gas gauge. New marine light, nos pole light, new Amphicar hood emblem. New rear view mirror and sun visors.  Nos steering wheel. Nos Lucas head light rings. New head lights. Nos tail light assemblies, nos front turn signal assemblies, All side mouldings new. Re anodized fin mouldings. New tail and front trim. Nos propellers and nuts. This Amphicar is better than new.





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