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Dave The Waves Thought Page. The why behind the car and the man.

The Amphicar makes you experience life in a positive, sharing, and exciting way.

To own an Amphicar is to share joy.

An Amphicar crosses all lines of race, and social standing.

The Amphicar allows me dream out loud.

The Amphicar has opened doors of opportunity in abundance.

The Amphicar has allowed me to meet and make friends with people from all over the World.

Years ago when I prayed to God for direction, I would never have guessed the answer would be in a form of an Amphicar.

The days move by us. Our youth some how vanishes with out saying good bye. The great thing about being young is the newness of all that comes your way. Then something happens and you realize its gone. The Amphicar fills that void. When you drive up to boat ramp, watching the water spin and move. My heart beats faster, a nervous anticipation. It is a new experience EVERY TIME. I get younger when I drive in. I get younger when I smile. I get younger when I share the Amphicar.

I have met a lot of great Amphicar owners. They  are the top in their fields. Highly individual. The cream of the crop. By being with them has made me want to improve. To try harder. To over come.

My work, my life and my family have mixed together. I look forward to the day. I get excited about the next day the night before. I write down what I hope to accomplish. I thank God for another day to work,  play and love.

Some days are better than others. But all days should be Amphi days.

The day before I rolled over one Amphi, then drove in another, then put an engine in yet another, then ordered parts for mine. All in the same morning. Some days are better than others!

I am so excited about what is going to happen next.

I am so glad I rushed and got BW2 useable.   It is great having an Amphi that runs and floats.

The last five years have rushed by. I watch the first video. My young boys have  become young men. The first rusty Amphicar has taught them many good lessons. One. Dreams do come true with hard work. Two. Hard work can be fun and rewarding. Three. There is always room for improvement and learning never stops.

Excellence is not perfection. The Amphicar was not even close to perfection in fit or finish but is truly an excellent vehicle.

My only fear is that now that the cars are expensive, that the new round of owners will expect more than the car ever delivered when new and then not use 'em!

For Me life truly has started after 40, I am truly thankful for all My hundred second chances.

Like Fitzy used to say " Hey man ya got it made"  In memory of one great friend

"Hey Brother lets partay! Its all good!" Dee and, Becky "Bite Me!"

I thank God through Jesus Christ for all that I have received. For with out Him this could never be possible.


















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