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Gator Bait-A great restoration candidate came available. Even though restoration started on another Amphi-this one was so much nicer- that the game got a whole new start. Car of course has rear quarter rust and battery tray needs some tlc. This is the first car in years that the doors are near perfect, as is the hood. Front clip is nearly perfect too. This car will be becoming green. Doors, hood, and engine cover are bead blasted and will be receiving a coat of acid etch primer and then epoxy to help insure a rust free life. At least we can try!

Low serial number car number 74! That's cool in it's own way.

Currently engine is rebuilt, trans is tested with new synchros and seals. New late model easy to grease axles are on shelf. Along with new windshield and seal. Cables and most chrome. Goal is to get doors and hoods paint ready first while body is at bead blaster. Seat frames have been at upholsterer getting covered in matching green vinyl. Rims will be painted matching green.

Near perfect door-bead blasted-now getting light surface rust tanked off. Then a rinse, dry and epoxy coating.

I love these doors. As good as they get. Engine cover cleaned up nicely with minor repairs. I now drill big holes in rear engine cover support. They are all rusting from inside out. This allows me to get inside better and to get epoxy primer in too. The interior kit installed on frames. I taught My upholsterer how to make a great kit. Top of line vinyl's-proper size patterns, hot rod plastic door panels. All new foam, fitted seat backs. Seat back frame springs replaced. All frames cleaned, blasted, painted in epoxy. New wood for rear seat back.

transmission waiting patiently to be installed.

Nice floors. Sand blasted, cleaned and then first coat of etching epoxy.

Inside front with a coat of grey epoxy. Pic of new drop off being installed. Car is flipped over. Hull has no surprises. Jack point was weak and area replaced. When welding complete then a coat of epoxy. Epoxy will be applied on interior surfaces before quarter patch installed.

I cut, weld, and inspect.

 Bottom of rocker needed to be replaced Battery tray install. Hull bottom cleaned, sanded and the epoxy painted. While upside down I painted inside of fins too.

Rims were sand blasted, epoxy covered, painted then wide whites were installed and balanced. Right rear quarter was trimmed to fit. Cleaned and re fitted. It takes a few times to get it the way I want. Then its pulled off so I can epoxy coat the inside before welding on. No guarantees on future rust but multiple coats coats of epoxy and urethane seam sealers should really help the fight.

Much welding done on right side. Took a break and started on left side. Right side had a patch, cut it out and then replaced drop off. After welding a coat of epoxy. When original bottom is still intact I use it as pattern for new quarter. Quarter is epoxy primed and ready for installing.

  A view as I walk into shop  Closer to completion. The left is nearly completed as is the right side. It will be flipped back over for finish welding. Double checking and more epoxy. Then We get to start inside paint. Yeah!!!

first three shots show nice smooth welded edge. Filler will still be used to make perfect. Last shot shows rocker patch with first coat of water proof filler. Jack point is now installed. About 24 linear inches of welding left.

The boys helped Me flip car right side up. The green begins. Then a coat of black inside. Then I will continue on outside body work


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