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Georgia Blue

This car came in with a transmission ailment. Rust had attacked internals causing failure on very rare intermediate gear. I refurbished trans replacing bearings seals and synchro rings.

Rear brake was leaking. So now all wheel cylinders are now sleeved and system filled with silicone fluid. Front wheels and brakes. Installer did not use much grease and over tightened bearings. Also front brake hose improperly installed, thus rubbing on spring. Also stub axle not adjusted properly.

Car arrives, I take pictures and inspect. Close up is very hard to see but there is cracking in paint.

When shoes come back with new linings a thin coat of paint is used. I re spray with multiple coats of paint because they will otherwise rust.

From a little crack to a larger hole. Multiple coats of filler. Blocking then some primer, then a shot of paint.  If anything else develops perhaps an American flag sticker would fix.

What an ordeal. Painters with attitude, miss matched paint, computer glitches. But finally done with no trace of repair. Almost ready to go home.








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