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Green Wisconsin Amphicar 11 17 08

Removing a noisy trans for refurb allowed us to see the tunnel was seriously compromised. Strange how a "bad" trans can be a good thing! Another reason I try not to estimate project costs.

Friese clutch will be installed

Water in trans causes the "milky" effect.

water also prematurely ages synchros and other vital parts.

Trans is now ready to be installed, but first the axles need updating

brakes felt bad, front covered in grease,and rear locked in out position. Causing enough heat build up to darken paint!

I thought I found a big rust problem, luckily only surface rust

Rear hub was so tight it ruined my puller. Huge amount of force was needed.

This is pic of front with new brakes and shock.

Tunnel repair, using bead roller I am able to recreate tunnel lip for a proper repair.

To repair hull I had to pull out engine. To easy to have fire due to oil in hull under the engine. I installed My improved oil dip stick. Makes checking oil much easier.

Rust in quarters, Inside of car is a "pocket". Factory put some caulk here and it did a great job of sealing in water. I pulled caulk out. I will clean out as good as possible then put a coat of epoxy paint on.

Little bubbles can lead to .......cutting, fabricating, cleaning, restoring, welding, and painting.

Car now has new top, marine lense , and bilge blower cover.

Maybe next year we can do side moldings, interior, sun visors and a radio!



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