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Once you have an Amphi it is terrible to be with out one. I made the BIG mistake of selling my Brown Wonder a couple of years ago. It was the right thing to do at that time. Now this amphi gets lots of steel thrown at it. The cool hot rod motor is installed. Lots and lots and lots of work left.

Car was not getting done. I went nuts and welded "ugly" for two days.  Hull is done along with drop offs and all the rest.  Now all it needs is rockers, doors, front cowl, hood and engine cover.

Yea Baby!! Its moving on its own. Engine purrs, trans rebuilt. Looking forward to painting dash so I can install goodys. Like the chrome compass, rock n roll radio and the cool guy steering wheel. Local bar donated little tapper paddle, now instead of beer it will put props in gear. A little messing around and steering wheel bolted on and original button for horn fits. More junk to put on car, fish, pedestal seat, and neon.  It still needs everything!!! I want it done now!!!!

Most mechanicals to get it to run down the road are done. With the 1300 I can spin the tire in the gravel! Sooooo much more to do.

Goal now is to get body in primer. I still have lots of holes in front. Car now has rebuilt wire harness. Can start from turning key. Yea!! Tunes are cranking through 6x9's


What is shown here is 8 hours of work.  Top edge was shot along with right turn signal area. Using a sheet metal brake I bend up an angle. Then I run it through a shrinker. That gives me the original curve while retaining angle needed. For turn signal, I had a donor panel. Cut out old and butt weld in new. Margie likes the yellow and hopes to see car painted by May 16th. Me too. Bought the Family bright yellow caps. Teen age Son did not dig that idea at all. I have never done the parade in Celina and plan on doing this year.

Much better than a big rust hole!Much closer yet so stinkin FAR!!!  

Oh yea. The special mirrors are installed. Dash gauges are in the holes. Not working yet!

I hate the time it takes to build doors. This door is typical rust out. I bend the lip then shrink the corner. It takes hours to get these simple parts right. This is one area not to rush on.

man o man does it feel good to sit in the car and turn on the radio. Still sooooo much to do. It is hard to describe the GREAT feeling of seeing My own car taking shape.    I figure I need to float along with kids, Scouts, Sports, School and House.

Even going fast  every  it still takes a lot of time. 


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